ALOR SETAR, 29th March 2020: Kedah Zakat Board (LZNK) has launched “Asnaf Care” funding system to provide financial aid to those directly affected by the Covid-19 outbreak. The “Asnaf Care” fund encourage community to contribute and take part in distributing food supplies to those who are facing shortage of food supplies during the Restriction of Movement Order (RMO) period since 18th March 2020.

Kedah State Secretary who is also Chairman of LZNK, Dato’ Paduka Ammar bin Dato’ Shaikh Mahmood Naim said “To ensure the sufficiency of zakat funds were available for distribution at such critical times, the LZNK would like to open up the opportunities for the public to also contribute and donate towards those who are in need”.“The LZNK collection’s report as today (March 26, 2020) has shown a deficit against the distribution that we have made about MYR 8 Million. The total amount of zakat’s collections has been collected as today is MYR 31.6 Million, meanwhile the distribution has reached MYR 39.4 Million”.

“However, this situation never tears down our spirit. We will continuously formulate several action plans to ensure that the allocation to the poor and needy is sufficient at all times and will not be stopped” He told a press conference after completing the launch of “Asnaf Care” Ceremony here yesterday.The system was developed internally by LZNK’s staff at a very short period of time featuring 9 types of food items such as rice, cooking oil, sardines and other essential needs. Anyone can make the donation.

LZNK estimates the collections of zakat through Asnaf Care up to MYR 36 million which would benefit 700,000 families whom expected to face the slow economic growth as the impact of the global COVID-19 outbreak over the next 6 months.

At the initial stage, LZNK has already distributed food supplies around 57,600 packs of rice and 172,800 cans of sardines to all 576 mosques throughout the Kedah state which has been assigned as Kedah Zakat Food Bank Centre.These are the additional kit to the existing food supplies that previously provided with 17,280 sets to be distributed monthly. The distribution of food supplies for the initial phase is expected to benefit 74,880 affected families due to the RMO in the Kedah State.

Meanwhile, the Kedah Mufti Sahibus Samahah Dato' Paduka Sheikh Haji Fadzil bin Haji Awang who attended the event also encourage Malaysians especially Kedahans to make whatever donations they can do to help those who have been facing shortage of food supplies."I hope more people will take part in this Asnaf Care program to help those who are in need especially during this difficult time.". "There are some of us who currently battle with their financial situation will lost their income, including the lack of basic necessities within the remaining 3 weeks of RMO in Malaysia," he said.

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